Fire Safe 

Customers kept asking us about the possibilities of Fire type testing at DCI. In the past we never considered this, because it is an odd beast in the valve testing gamma. But after closer inspection we saw possibilities. As of earlier this year we are equipped with our own test rig and have successfully tested several valves. As with all our tests, these tests can be witnessed by Lloyd's or other NOBO's if required.  more...


Revision inspection

Besides testing valves in our facilities, our specialists are also experienced in the inspection after revision during large shut downs.


Having a revision supported by DCI leads to: shorter down times, quality increase and the knowledge that all valves returning to the plant have been inspected to your specifications by capable and experienced inspectors.

DCI specific valve test software

To further increase our ability to serve the needs of our customers we developed our own test software. With this software we are able to fully automatically perform cycle tests, cooling of valves, heating of valves and log all the specific data such as flow, pressure and temperature during a test. This logging makes it very easy to visualize the test and its results for ourselves and our customers. In the future this will also be offered by log-on-line. This means that by use of a password any of the involved parties can witness the test without travelling to our laboratories. By developing this software DCI has once again placed itself on the leading edge of valve testing!

Independance in testing and spec development 

DCI is not affiliated to any valve manufacturer or valve purchasing organisation. Therefore we can guaranty our independence in testing and development of test specifications. With our independent approach we have developed good working relationships with many NOBO around the world. It is this relations that makes it possible to decrease lead- and run times of most testing.


Gas cilinder burst testing according to ISO
We were asked to preform ISO burst testing on 50 litre 200 bar nominal pressure gas cylinders for a trading company. They wanted to test Chinese made cylinders against previous tests done on other sources. In our bunker we pressurized the cylinders using water and a liquid booster pump. Their requirements were 430 bar(g) at least. Both cylinders made it to +500 bar(g) before bursting.


Shell production testing (77/306, 307, 312)

When a supplier is type approved, a percentage of every order has to be subjected to a production test. These tests are much less extensive than the type test, but can still include cryogenic (77/306) or high temperature cycles. This depends on the design of the valve and the final use in the plant.


Other valve buyers might also demand a Shell type test. These tests are now also used as a universal stamp of approval.


Specially for our cold tests (77/306) at -50ºC a 25m3 freezing unit capable of carrying +3000kg test assemblies is available. If a lower temperature is required, liquid nitrogen can be used to cool down to a minimum of -196ºC.


Shell type testing TAT (77/312)

For every new design to be supplied to Shell a 77/312 type test has to be performed. These tests tend to be extensive depending on the endurance- and temperature class.


In practice this usually means that high and low design temperature and according pressure have to be tested.


DCI has performed many type tests in the past and has developed a good relation with Shell Global Solutions, the NOBO for these tests.


Through the years DCI has gotten experienced at these tests and has acquired or developed all the necessary facilities, equipment and knowledge to assist customers with becoming Shell type approved.


Testing according to TA-luft

TA-luft is a German law that covers the reduction of emission in chemical process plants. As such it is not a test procedure. Testing is to be performed in accordance with this law. TA-luft states a maximum leakage per meter of potential leaking joint for all parts of the before mentioned process plant.


The testing itself is covered in VDI 2440 guidelines.


In practice the amount of endurance cycles and temperature cycles are dependent on the actual use of the valve. (ex. The testing should be representative of the real world use of the valve)


DCI specializes in valve testing and is capable of performing test and certification of valves according to TA-luft. In association with Tüv Sud Benelux a stamped and signed report or Tüv certificate can also be supplied.